About Us

Front7 Web Marketing

Front7 Web Marketing was born in 2009 to address the personal needs of its founder, Mitch Brinton, who was sick and tired of so-called SEO agencies who promised the world and generated no results, all the while locking him into long contracts that were virtually impossible to cancel. Mitch decided to learn the business himself. This passion became his business and the rest is history.

Mitch and his team focus on ONE THING: Using the internet to drive new customers to your local businesses. Period. We focus on this because internet search is the ONLY marketing strategy that captures those potential customers who are “raising their hands” and saying, “I need your services right now”. If your business is not in the top 3 spots with the best online reputation, you are losing the most powerful new customer magnet in the history of small business. Yes, it is THAT critical!

Front7 keeps things simple and efficient. We use only “white-hat” SEO strategies, meaning we play by the rules. We simply do it better than anyone else. And we put our money where our mouth is. No contracts, only results. If you are not happy with the results, FIRE US. No questions asked.