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Online Video Marketing

A 2012 study found that shoppers who viewed a video were 174%

more likely to purchase a product/service than viewers who did not.*

When your potential customers do a Google search for your services, do they find a video about how you and/or your company can immediately solve their problem?

For as little as $250/month, Front7 can begin making you a celebrity in your local market by creating custom videos, utilizing significant keywords, and effectively distributing them on multiple internet video platforms to drive customers to your site or offer.

Watch a few sample videos created for our clients.

Grout Doctor

Kotter Foot & Ankle Center

Video marketing has exploded the last few years, yet only a handful of smart local businesses are using this powerful tool to generate new customers.

Still not convinced? Look at the statistics below.

The percentage of Internet users who view at least one video online over the course of a month. The average Internet searcher is exposed to an average of 3 2.2 videos per month, increasing the opportunity for your marketing message to be seen. But what does that work out to in actual numbers? (comScore)
100 Million
Thatís the number of Internet users who watch online video each day. I know, I know, a lot of those are watching the latest viral video of a funny mishap or a silly cat, but many are looking for advice on how to do something or how to make something work better. And a whole lot of them are looking to buy a service or product.
The percentage of online shoppers at a major retailerís website who said they find video helpful in making shopping and buying decisions. If it works for the major retailers, don't you think it will work for you?
The percentage of executives who told Forbes that they watch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week. The results breakdown:

• 50% watch business-related videos on YouTube
• 65% visit the marketerís website after viewing a video
16 minutes and 49 seconds
According to comScore, thatís how much time the average user spends watching online video ads every month.
According to the Online Publishers Association, thatís the percentage of Internet users who recall watching a video ad on a website they visited in the past 30 days. It gets even better. Of that 80%, 46% took some action after viewing the ad. In fact:

• 26% looked for more information about the subject of the video
• 22% visited the website named in the ad
• 15% visited the company represented in the video ad
• 12% purchased the specific product featured in the ad
Bottom Line:

Video marketing is a huge market opportunity for you in your local market. Remember, when someone searches for the services you provide, you have a great chance of engaging with them on a personal level before they ever visit your business!

*Retail Touchpoints Channel Innovation Awards, 2012
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